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One of the three branches of the U.S. government is the Judicial Branch, apart from the Executive and Legislative Branches. The Judicial Branch in the U.S is in charge of the court system. There are two kinds of courts in the U.S - one is the Federal court system and the other is the state court system One of the many roles of this Branch is to ensure that American citizens can avail of their right to a fair trial by a competent court, judge and jury. It seeks to ensure that American citizens are not deprived of their rights and freedom. It applies the laws of the country to make sure that they are in line with the American Constitution. If this Branch does not apply the law correctly, it becomes an unconstitutional act on behalf of the Judicial Branch. Another role of this Branch is to hear cases through the court system, make orders and pass judgments according to the laws formed by the legislature. This Branch will overall ensure justice is served and equality are served to all American citizens.

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