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You can be any age you want, but if your under 16 you need a parent to come with you and sign a consent forms! But must doctors advise you to get it pierced when your 16 or 17 cause there's a possibility it could stunt growth, and you should really wait to get it done when your ready!!The person who is getting the piercing weather that be a son or daughter or someone thinking about it over the age of 18 themselves should think about it and do some research so they know the effects, how to take care of the piercing. Also age shouldn't matter, a good age should be at least 13-14 years of age, a parent must be present during the procedure if you are once again under the age of 18, do note that some pierces or places will refuse or recommend waiting cause if you still are growing it can mess up the piercings place. I got mine pierced when i was 15

i am now 14 it hasn't grown or moved yet.You can get yours done at the age off ten but be careful it may get infected!!!!!!But it's very cute!!! 

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