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West Virginia has a bicameral Legislature which consists of the House of Delegates and the Senate. The Legislature in this state is usually in session for 60 days between January and early April. Monthly interim and special sessions are also held outside these months in the year. In order for a law to be made in West Virginia, the Legislature will first receive a proposal or an idea, in the form of a Bill. The two groups, 34 senators and 100 delegates will analyze each Bill. After discussion, they will vote on the Bills, trying to represent the voice of the people of West Virginia. These Bills can enter the Legislature through either the House of Delegates or the Senate therefore. However, once the discussion is over, the Bill must be approved by both chambers in order to become a law. If the governor uses his power of veto or a dissenting vote, the Bill will not turn into a law.

For further information on the legislative process in West Virginia, visit:

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